SVENPAD SUPREME® The Worlds #1 Forcing Utility



Concentrate on your PERFORMANCE not your PROPS! The SvenPad® Supreme represents a working Mentalist’s dream! Welcome to the highest quality Svengali pad EVER created: The world famous SvenPad® Supreme!

Discover why EVERY TOP MYSTERY PERFORMER IN THE WORLD INSISTS ON USING THE ORIGINAL SVENPAD®! You’ve seen them on AGT, BGT and many more. They are the innocent yet deadly utility device that performers trust 100%, with an unlimited well-spring of ideas limited by your creativity. Forces, dual reality, confabulations, predictions, muscle reading – all in the palm of your hands.

It was inevitable that inferior copycat pads would come out of the woodwork, but the original SvenPads® remain far ahead of the pack in terms of advanced designs, innovation, quality, and treating our worldwide customers to incredible service. The copies are poorly designed, not hand tested individually, use inferior materials, are not cut to our exacting standards, and do NOT look like a pad purchased at the local Walgreens.

Why take the chance and ruin a performance?

There is no substitute for the original SvenPads® which are cut to insane 1/45″ long & short tolerances! Once you hold one you will quickly understand WHY performers are so passionate about them and why they work 100% of the time and fly under the radar.

Each genuine SvenPad® is individually HAND TESTED
…and if it does not meet specs, it is simply tossed and never shipped.
Each SvenPad™ is 100% guaranteed to work perfectly. If there is ever an issue, we will exchange it FREE of charge including FREE shipping anywhere in the world – no questions asked. No matter where you purchased it.


The SvenPad® looks like an ordinary memo pad from your favorite office supply store – but working Mentalists & Magicians realize what a powerful tool the new SvenPad represents. The SvenPad® line is offered in a superb lineup of sizes to fit any performance need.

Your perfect FORCE has never been SIMPLER, MORE DECEPTIVE or more hands-free!

Casually show all of the 50 pages to be different (words, drawings, celebrities, destinations, foods, phone numbers, etc). Then openly hand the SvenPad™ to a spectator to secretly peek at just one item. The performer instantly knows exactly what she is thinking.

These ordinary looking memo pads come as a blank canvas of 50 pages for your own ideas – ready to plug into your creativity or cherished routine.Have a spectator choose a random dream destination and have yet another select a famous celebrity, while a 3rd might pick a kind of food.

How about a “tossed out” SvenPad™ routine with multiple spectators – each with their own pad? At the end of the show they can talk, since there are none of the usual dual reality limitations with a TOD. Create the ultimate confabulation with minimal effort and maximal effect – the uses for this devilish utility device are limited only by your imagination.

Multiple SvenPads® will allow you to create a multitude of possibilities with a variety of spectators!

The SvenPad® is a PRO UTILITY PROP. Most pros and hobbyists are already familiar with a multitude of ways that they could use this powerful tool. Anyone ordering will also receive a copy of Bob Cassidy’s “Scary Movie” routine that has been re-worked for combining with the SvenPad®.

The SvenPad® is easy to carry yet plays HUGE either one-on-one or for stage. The multitude of effects possible with the SvenPad® are endless.

Few forces could be more direct, with minimal audience management and the fairest of procedures utilizing an organic object that everyone has on their desk – a small notepad.

All the short (bottom) edges of the SvenPad® Supreme are precision trimmed, alternately long and short all the way through.

When the pad is held in one hand and slowly opened or flipped from the front to back by the other hand, each page is seen to be genuinely different.

No need to riffle the pages – take your time.

No need to over-prove the fair selection – since spectators are already familiar with these kinds of small memo pads.

This innocent little SvenPad® is destined to become one of your favorite mind reading utility props!

Choose your ultimate force with a balanced selection of SvenPad™ options to fit your performance needs – from strolling to stage, TV appearances, cabaret or parlour.

A “who’s who” of pro’s worldwide have embraced the SvenPad® Supreme! Find out why…

    • SVENPAD® KøD (5 x 3″) OUR #1 SELLER! The SvenPad® KøD represents a quantum leap in the world renowned SvenPad® lineup. Take your performances to the next level – there is nothing else like it! Behold the little memo pad you’ve known since childhood, but reborn as an incredible SvenPad®. Built from scratch, from the ground up, with an all new SPIRAL binding which oh so innocently hides the forcing secrets within. NO hype. NO exaggerations. NO expense has been spared in creating this ultimate SvenPad®, the first spiral bound SvenPad®. The SvenPad® KoD took months of precision development to create the world’s first “Spira-Glu” binding, combining our custom made thicker LINED PAPER with a double glazed center spine – hole punched – collated to precision – then cosmetically spiral bound for a perfect “illusion” of an ordinary memo pad. You won’t believe it when you hold it as you cannot see the center glue holding everything perfectly! (Available in RED or YELLOW covers – please choose from menu when ordering)


  • SVENPAD® KøD STAGE (American 8.5 x 11 or Euro A4) Introducing the stunning SvenPad® KøD STAGE, our BIGGEST format playground for your routines! This looks exactly like the typical Mead style spiral bound, 3 hole punch notebooks your kids use at school. Every tiny detail with these new larger format SvenPads® has been dialed in. The stunningly rich glossy cover designs; the bar codes; even the colors of the lined paper (light grayish on the A4 and bluish with a red vertical line on the USA model) are 100% accurate and custom printed. The American version is 3 hole punched (first ever in a SvenPad™) so the pad looks exactly like the Mead notebooks the kids use at school.

Pocket w Text.jpg

    • SVENPAD® POCKET SIZE (4.25 x 5.5″) This is the SvenPad that started it all! As used on Britain’s Got Talent! The pocket size may be used for close up or stage. Ideal for pre-show. Each pad is hand inspected and tested before shipment to insure perfect operation and exact tolerances. It looks oh so innocent with a OfficMax bar code label on the back – but in performance the pocket size is a killer.

Triple Bank Mercedes

  • SVENPAD® TRIPLE BANKS (5 x 3.5″) Precision crafted with genuine “Astrobrights” neon colored paper (3.5 x 5′), the SvenPad™ Triple Banks represent the newest and easiest to perform method EVER for your favorite Confabulation plot, Clue games and so much more. Your audience experiences 3 ultra clean and undetectable forces – with your imagination being the only limitation. 120 total pages, allowing 40 pages for each force bank section.




  • SVEN NOTES, POST-ITS STYLE (3 x 3″) Stealthy & perfect! Sven Notes look just like the Post-It style notes on every desk – what could look more ordinary? The backs have that familiar brown brown paper and recycling artwork that makes sure these will fly under the radar. With the new Sven Notes you will discover the same precision manufacturing that has made all the SvenPads® world renowned! These are the #1 MOST INNOCENT SvenPads® in the entire lineup
  • NON-GIMMICKED SVENPADS® (Available in ALL styles *except* Stage Size KoD ) Perfect for switching out! In response to many requests by working pros, you may now order a pair of identically matching NON-GIMMICKED pocket size SvenPads®. Use them for taking notes, for your reveals or to switch out with your gimmicked Svenpads®. These pads are twins of the standard SvenPad® in all styles and details including the tape binding, paper, etc. However there is one small difference -these nearly identical pads feature a clever “Staples Memo Pad” bar code at the back, so you will instantly know which SvenPad® is which (Staples label will be on the original pocket size, stage size and Triple Banks)




  • THE SVENPAD® MINI (3 x 4.5″) A little fancier! Gorgeous! The new SvenPad® Mini’s have elegantly black leatherette covers, but STILL look like something you bought at the local stationary store. These bad boys are also 30% smaller than the popular SvenPad™ pocket size, with all the Sven features you’ve come to know and love. They sport more durable black covers that will better withstand heavier performance use. INCREDIBLE PRICING!
  • svenpad-stage-size-product-jpg

  • THE SVENPAD® STAGE SIZE (5.5 x 8.5″) The SvenPad™ stage size offers a larger palette of possibilities for those that perform on a stage or cabaret theater. The stage size have the same precision long/short cuts that you’ve come to expect but in the largest format we offer. They are easy to handle and a delight to use!
  • PENTEL ENERGEL PEN 1.0 MM For your convenience, we offer the highly recommended and harder to locate PenTel 1.0 MM Energel pens which offer thicker lines, no bleed-through and instant drying ink with clear black lines. Do NOT use Sharpie with your SvenPads®!


Svenpad 3
  • SVENPADS® ARE THE ORIGINAL! The highest quality and most deceptive Svengali pads ever made
  • LASER CUT PAGES – Insanely & visually imperceptible 1/45″ long & short edges. Nothing else comes close
  • AVAILABLE in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs!
  • PROFESSIONALLY MANUFACTURED, each is hand tested before delivery
  • BLANK PAGES – create your own forces and routines!
  • OFFICEMAX style bar-code label on back sides
  • INCLUDES 16 pages of instructions + an enhanced version of Bob Cassidy’s classic “Scary Movie” routine + suggestions and tips
  • UNLIMITED uses for the working professional!
  • THE NEW standard for this type of forcing prop


How you use your favorite SvenPads® will NEVER be the same again.
Finally, this is THE SvenPads® book that you’ve been waiting for.

Welcome to a SvenPads® “Tour de Force,” overflowing with 324 PAGES of eXtremely innovative routines, out of the box handlings, and so many never before seen ideas! SUPER-CHARGE your existing SvenPads® with endless innovative Forcing techniques, and over 70+ FULLY DESCRIBED ROUTINES.

My friends, I promise that this is ULTIMATE word on using the SvenPads® that you know and love.

The eXtreme SvenPad® Supreme eBook by Mentalist John van der Linden reflects over one year of brain storming and testing – with over 250 gorgeous color photos – and ideas that will really spark your creativity.

This is NOT just a re-hash of old material, but a book that breaks new ground that will spark your imagination and provide new ideas for your shows.

This is EXACTLY the type of “dream” book that SvenPad® buyers all over the world have been clamoring for… a detailed NEW road-map & springboard to demonstrate how your seemingly innocent pads of paper can (and will) slay audiences, yet never be suspected.

This masterpiece is destined to be the final word for wringing out MAXIMUM IMPACT from your arsenal of SvenPads®. Every style of pad is covered in detail – with in depth photos and unique routines for the various SvenPad® styles to obtain the best possible outcomes.

You Will Learn:
• THE DREAM HANDLING: A KILLER NEW handling for EVERY SvenPad® user!
• THE PSYCHOLOGICAL INKBLOT TEST PAD: Finally! Think Rorschach on steroids, learn how to force a detailed memory AND be 10 steps ahead, with endless reveals before starting. This one incredible routine is worth the price of the book!
• THE SAFETY HANDLING: You will always want to use this one
• THE EXTREME PAD: A revolutionary NEW & deceptive method of forcing with your pad! Show all pages and force a page BOTH opening upwards. Both occurring in the HANDS OF THE SPECTATOR!?
• THE DEVIL PAD Too sneaky
+ MUCH MORE! (Over 100 routines, Incredible eXtreme Handlings, Tips and Ideas!)

eXtreme SvenPad® eBOOK REVIEWS

“I bought the hard cover, and am reading the e-book that comes with it right now.
I can already now say that the book is many times worth the asking price.
Here’s all you need (and a lot more!) for your pads.”


“I read it and this is HUGE! Fantastic stuff!”

“Fantastic compendium of great ideas, John van der Linden has done a wonderful job with this. Must-have for every SvenPad® user.”

I was lucky enough to help with the process of proofreading this book and let me tell you. John van der Linden has another big hit on his hands.
Some of the routines will have you grinning from ear to ear.


“This is a HUGE book when you print it! I bought the SvenPad® Ebook ! Oh my god.
So much stuff , ideas , subtleties , routines and more in a HUGE 324 page ebook.
I can not believe how much mileage I can go with this pad. A must buy for $29.99!”


“Got it. SO good !!!”

“It is excellent indeed!”

“I have spent a lot of this past weekend reading the new book eXtreme SvenPad® Supreme and it’s absolutely filled with a ton of routines that are really brilliant and outstanding performance pieces! John’s passion in this project is evident after a few minutes into the book. I Highly recommend this as you’ll find some great gems inside!”

The SvenPads® remain the world’s best forcing tool because it is unique as you are. Any language, any idea, with unlimited possibilities. Combine your SvenPads with this powerful eBook, and it is now in your hands to totally amaze audiences.
Buy your copy TODAY and get ready for the eXtreme!


The SvenPad looks completely innocent and is fully customizable. It is so well crafted that the method is invisible. Definitely going in my walk around bag!
Craig Filicetti
SvenPad 4

NEW! SvenPad® Stage Size KoD Pad
AMERICAN 8.5 x 11' (Red Cover) or EURO A4 (Blue Cover) Size :
SvenPad® KoD Spiral Pad
SvenPad® KoD Spiral Pad
SvenPad® KoD Spiral Pad
Red or Yellow Covers :
SvenPad® TRIPLE BANK, Tri-Color
SvenPad® TRIPLE BANK, Tri-Color
SvenPad® Triple Bank
Pentel EnerGel Pen 1.0mm
Pentel EnerGel Pen 1.0mm
Pentel EnerGel Pen 1.0mm
Large Tip Sharpie Water Based Pen
Large Tip Sharpie Water Based Pen
Large Tip Sharpie Water Based Pen
SvenPad® Minis Pair, Durable Leatherette Covers
SvenPad® Minis Pair, Durable Leatherette Covers
SvenPad® Minis Pair, Leatherette Covers
SvenPad® Original Pocket Size Pair
SvenPad® Original Pocket Size Pair
SvenPad® Original Pocket Size Pair
SvenPad® Original STAGE Size Pair
SvenPad® Original STAGE Size Pair
SvenPad® Original STAGE Size Pair
SvenPad® Sven Notes, 3 Post-it Style Pads
SvenPad® Sven Notes, 3 Post-it Style Pads
SvenPad® Sven Notes, 3 Post-it Style Pads
NON-GIMMICKED SET of SvenPads® All Styles *Except* Stage Size SvenPad® KoD
KoD Memo Pad (Red or Yellow), Pocket Size, Stage Size, Black Minis, Sven Notes, or Triple Banks :

  • Shipping in the continental USA includes USPS 1ST CLASS Mail with tracking. Allow 3-5 days for shipping
  • International shipping (including Canada) is via USPS first class mail with tracking. Allow 8-15 days for international delivery!


What sizes are available for the SvenPads®

The SvenPads® come in the popular POCKET SIZED (5.5 x 4.25″) or STAGE SIZE (8.5 x 5.5) + the MINI version with matte BLACK COVERS are 4.5 x 3″. The “Sven Notes” look like typical Post-it pads, and come in a super small 3×3″ size. The pocket and mini sizes BOTH easily fit in a sports jacket breast pocket (or a pant back pocket). The Triple Banks offer 120 total pages in a small 3.5 x 5″ size, with neon colored astrobrights paper.The very popular SvenPad KoD is essentially a 5×3 memo pad with a totally unique SPIRAL binding and lined paper. Finally there are TWO larger format STAGE size SvenPads, one with white cvers, and the spiral bound KoD Stage size in American 8.5×11″ or A4 Euro size.

How thick is the paper inside

The paper used is of a medium (not heavy) weight. The reason for this was to strike a balance so that the edges could be cut to a very tight tolerance. I recommend you do NOT use a typical (oil based) Sharpie for writing on each page. Instead I recommend a water based marker – pencil – a ball point pen, or the best solution being a GEL INK based pen. So far I prefer the “Pentel EnerGel RTX” liquid gel pens – medium point black. They don’t bleed and are fast drying. Any water based pen should work well, and we sell a wonderful water based SHARPIE MARKER which is ideal for the larger format stage size pads.

Will the writing bleed through pages?

Yes you MIGHT get some bleed through IF you use a Sharpie or oil based ink (not recommended).

Instead please use a WATER BASED pen/ink or a pencil/ballpoint pen for best results and no bleed. Just to be clear, with any pen there will be a little SEE-THROUGH to the page behind, but not BLEED THROUGH.

Will there be some variations in the short/long pages?

Yes – there may be very slight variations in the short pages from pad to pad. These will not be noticeable to your spectator or when looking at the back edges of the pad. The pages are cut to 1/45′

How many pages are on each pad?

50 Pages total (25 and 25) + the glossy card covers front and back.

Does this look like a real memo pad?

Yes it looks like a plain “OfficeMax” brand pad and includes a bar-code label

How does one know which side is the front or which is the back?

The bar-code label indicates the back (non forcing) side.

How durable are the SvenPads™?

The pads are as durable as a standard office memo pad. Yes they will show wear after repeated uses, but in some way that could add to the organic nature of the pad. Over time if the pad wears or rips, you can buy more pads as needed. The pads should pay for themselves over a short period of time for most working pros.

Does the SvenPad® come with routines?

The SvenPad® is a UTILITY PROP. Most pros and hobbyists are already familiar with a multitude of ways that they could use this powerful tool. Anyone ordering will also receive a copy of Bob Cassidy’s “Scary Movie” routine that has been re-worked for combining with the SvenPad®. I strongly recommend that all buyers consider the incredible eXtreme SvenPad PDF by John van der Linden. The link is on this page.

Do you ship overseas?

I can ship your SvenPads® anywhere in the world.

How are the SvenPads™ manufactured?

The SvenPads® are made at a high end printing company using the latest manufacturing techniques for cutting paper. The pads are aligned, professionally tape bound and finished on the best equipment. The result is that when looking at the pad with the naked eye the differences between the long/short pages is nearly imperceptible! I am proud of the way these came out and I know you will be thrilled with the possibilities for your shows.

Couldn't I just make my own pads?

Of course you can – many of us (including me) have been making our own pads for years using a paper cutter etc. The huge difference here is the SvenPad™ is professionally made – each page is perfectly aligned, bound and laser cut. Making a Sven DIY pad this perfectly (by hand) would be pretty tough! Pros know that this kind of elegant (yet extremely deceptive) utility device represents pure gold.

OK these look really cool, but honestly they seem a tad pricey

The SvenPads® are not easy to make and create. Each is hand tested for perfection. These are unique and no one else as far as I can tell is making anything remotely like this. The goal was also to keep these pads out of the hands of the merely curious.

How many pads do I need?

Purchase as many as you think you might need. More pads can offer a higher number of forces. The SvenPad™s will initially be available in a limited supply. Multiple pads could be used to create a confabulation or other hard hitting routine.

Why did you create the SvenPad?®

Some months ago my dear friend Craig Filicetti from ProMystic and I were chatting and I told him that I wanted to make a really high quality Svengali pad- using the latest high-tech paper cutting techniques. In the past I had made my own using a paper cutter with uneven results. So I made a couple sets for he and I – and the end result really surpassed expectations. Craig then suggested that I consider marketing these SvenPads to the greater magic fraternity.

What is the history of this prop using the Sven principal?

(Thank you to MAX MAVEN for his review of citations, and additional knowledge regarding the history of the Svengali principle)
The Svengali idea was based on the use of long and short cards and this concept actually go back to the year 1450. The Svengali idea appears to be based on an old principle found in “The Discoverie of Witchcraft” and “Clever and Pleasant Inventions” (both from 1584), based on the original ideas more commonly known as “The Blow Books.”

The Svengali Pad is a late descendant of the Svengali Deck, which was invented by inventor Burling Hull (also known as ‘Volta the Great’) in 1905 at the age of 16 as a forcing deck for magicians. He attempted to copyright his invention in 1909. Hull named his long & short card creation “The Improved Cards Mysterious.”

Here is an exact quote from Hull’s 1909 manuscript:

“The absolute perfection of the principle known to the magical fraternity
as “forcing,” has been conceded to be the forcing of cards from
a pack which may be shown to have no duplicates and operated while
actually in the hands of the audience. With this pack, this dream
of magicians is now realized. The introduction of this pack to the
world of magic marks the dawn of a new era in card magic and opens
new possibilities in mind-reading and card effects dependent upon
card forcing. PRINCIPLE:—Examination will reveal that every other card is
alike. Still closer inspection will show that these cards are slightly
shorter than the others.”

A forerunner to the Svengali deck was suggested in 1888 using Corner Shorted cards. It is of interest that a clear forerunner of the Svengali deck was suggested using alternating corner-shorted cards.

Hull’s was the world’s first copyrighted card trick, according to the book The Edison of Magic and his Incredible Creations Unfortunately Hull’s copyright didn’t hold since copyright applied only to graphics, written words, audio, music, movie and videos. It did not apply to techniques, systems or methods as used in the Svengali deck.

In between the initial advertisement and Hull’s subsequent claims, a description of the long/short card idea appeared in Ellis Stanyon’s New Card Tricks, 4th Series in 1910 as the “Third Arrangement” of The “Fin de Siecle” Magic Pack of Cards. That was the name Stanyon gave to all decks using the long-and-short principle of the Blow Book from the late 1500’s. Stanyon described the Menetekel Deck, for example, as the “First Arrangement” of the fin de Siecle pack.

The actual Svengali name was coined by Herman Hanson, who was employed by W. D. Leroy, a Boston magic dealer. LeRoy appears to have been the first to have sold the deck with the name “Svengali”, which sourced from George du Maurier’s 1894 novel “Trilby” where Svengali was a fictional hypnotist mentioned in the story. Millions of Svengali decks have been sold throughout the years since. In Europe the Svengali deck was also known as the “Radio Deck.”

Several magicians started out with a Svengali deck from a group of fast talking pitchmen, among them Channing Pollock and Mike Rogers.

The first time the Svengali deck showed up as a pitched product for “lay” people was the 1939 New York World’s Fair.

A 1977 biography about magical inventor Burling Hull, “The Edison of Magic and His Incredible Creations” contains a copy of his attempted copyright for “Improved Cards Mysterious” as well as a flyer produced by Hull showing the now familiar arrangement as what we know as the modern Svengali Deck.

A later Svengali variation included Joe Stuthard’s Trilby deck. Instead of alternate cards being long and short, cards were bevel cut to the left and to the right.

The Trilby Deck was an End Stripper Deck with 24 key identical key cards which were beveled the opposite way. The Bi-Co Trilby Deck was essentially the Trilby Deck plus an extra 24 cards with different color backs and beveled the opposite way.

In the late 1960’s and 1970’s television pitchman Marshall Brodien sold millions of Svengali decks, better known as “TV Magic Cards”.

Over the years there were a wide array of decks that descended from the Svengali deck including the Mirage deck and Menetekel. The popular tossed out deck by David Hoy (and many others after) also popularized a rubber- banded method similar to the Svengali concept to force multiple cards.

The history of the Svengali principle being in a pad used appears to source back to the beginnings of magic itself around the year 1450! By no means does this list definitively cover every release using Svengali:

• THE BLOW BOOKS – Estimated creation around 1450. The blow books are some of the oldest known magic tricks. The magician presents a book and riffles through it, showing a number of images in black and white. The book is then closed and a flourish is performed, normally involving audience participation, originally having an audience member blow on the outside of the book. The magician picks up the book and riffles it again, revealing that the images are now colored, or have changed completely. The Svengali concept seems to be a direct descendent of the Blow Books.

GEROLAMO CARDANO – In 1550, described a trick book with long & short pages by mentioning “conjurors show different and always unlike pictures in one and the same book.”

REGINALD SCOTT – In his book The Discoverie of Witchcraft, published in 1584 examined witchcraft and as part of the discussion mentions the use of blow books with varied pages. He then describes how to prepare a book that the magician would then “whew you everie leafe to be painted with birds, then with beasts, then with serpents, then with angels, etc.”

BURLING HULL – Originator of the Svengali idea in 1905 as a forcing deck for magicians, which he attempted to copyright in 1909. Hull called his creation “The Improved Cards Mysterious.”

Dr. FORD B ROGERS– Marketed a forcing deck with pairs of long and short cards glued together as “The ‘Ever-Ready’ Forcing Pack” in 1912.

EVANS BROWN – In 1919 Brown marketed his “The Wonder Triple Force Deck” which later became known as a “Tele-Matic” deck. This gimmicked deck had 26 pairs, glued together on one end, of which 13 consisted of an indifferent card on the front and a force card on the back. The remaining 13 cards had two other force cards on the front and back. The Tele-Matic deck was followed by The “Psychomatic Deck” in 1946, which moved the glued seams to the centers of the pairs, so that the peek could be made from either end.

ORVILLE MEYER: In 1956 he contributed his idea of a tossed out deck, using the Tele-Matic deck. This is almost certainly where David Hoy got the idea, but who decided to use a one way forcing deck in his Bold and Subtle Methods of Dr. Faust, 1963.

RICHARD MARK – In 1979 Richard Mark released “Symbolysis” in MindBending Magic, which was later re-printed within his book “MindWarp.” His effect cleverly used the Svengali principle utilizing multiple layered sheets of paper with ESP symbols.

BULLDOG DECK – Bob Cassidy’s clever “Bulldog Deck” and “Scary Movie Routine” appeared in his popular books “Art of Mentalism” in the early 1980’s and “The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy” (volume 2) and demonstrated a Svengali type pad made using index cards attached to a bulldog clip.

TON ONOSAKA – Marketed a forcing type pad using the images of giant paying cards – early 1980’s.

EZ MAGIC – Their kids “Magic Pad” and related kids coloring books are related to the Blow Books mentioned earlier dating from the year 1450. The kids magic pad was a small note pad using the long and short pages to show all blank or all printed pages.

JULE L. MILLER – In 1986 Described the idea of a Svengali pad in his book “Three Dozen Tricks With the Dock Haley Svengali Deck.”

MAX MAVEN – His 1999 VideoMind DVD release included his “Minds Eye Deck” which utilized the Svengali principal combined with a series of 40 simple drawings.

THE BIP BOOK – A small and popular Svengali style pad/book from 2003 by talented mentalist Scott Creasey and released by Alakazam

PADGALI – A Svengali style A6 size set of pads, released in 2006 by creator Chris Jones

THIS WAY UP – Paul Brook & Colin McLeod’s limited release of 200 books described a signature effect utilizing a do it yourself Sven Pad within the structure of their routine. Release date 2010/2011.

RUNE KLAN – Mentions the use of a Svengali pad in his “Rune’s World” book

RICK LAX –Rick described the creation of a homemade pad for his “Thought Plucker” download release with Penguin Magic – 2015.

A full description of attributions and crediting are included with purchase of the SvenPad®.

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