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With Larry Fitzgerald, Private Cardinals Event


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Chris Wallen – Event Planner
Edward Jones Investments

“Everyone had a great time and were
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"He was a huge hit with
everyone! He was professional
but very personable."

Julee Sung, Parasoft

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"5 Stars INCREDIBLE. I’ve already had
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Backstage with Copperfield: 2013




You are looking for something different, something your guests will be talking about long after the event is over. You want your friends, family or co-workers to see AND experience impossible things they have never seen before – mind games and demonstrations of pure influence.

Find out why so many top companies in the world and some of the most selective luxury resorts choose Mentalist Brett Barry when they seek cutting edge entertainment.

Brett is the ultimate party “guest” as he casually mingles – carefully watching and soaking up the little things about your guests that nobody else noticed. Was it the quick glance? The double blink? The over confident smile? The change in vocal tone? In poker these elements are known as “tells,” but Brett’s skill take these breadcrumbs of psychology to destinations unknown.

His mind reading style works well during welcome drinks, before or after meals from table to table, or a stage show to cap off a fabulous evening. Brett is an expert at “fitting in,” as he approaches tables and groups with a friendly and disarming manner that will leave your guests mesmerized and asking you “who is this guy?”

You’ve seen mind readers on TV – now experience it in person, performed LIVE at your event. Imagine what it feels like to meet face-to-face with someone who has the apparent ability to connect with your thoughts or those of your guests. Of course this isn’t Psychic – yet somehow there are no obvious explanations or even clues.

Concentrate on any word, the name of a first pet, a dream destination…any mental image… as Brett silently peers into your thoughts. In seconds Brett peels away little details that might only known to you – with uncanny and entertaining precision. It may not be perfect or exact, but Brett’s thoughts will undoubtedly be very close to matching yours and your guests get to enjoy the fun ride!

Brett performs primarily for the corporate, private, convention and trade show markets. He is a favorite choice of event planners nationwide looking for cutting edge entertainment. He also performs at numerous private parties and galas. Time after time, his audiences find themselves laughing along only to gasp in disbelief with the very next breath. How did he know what everyone in the room was thinking? Is it influence, skill or just clever deceptions?

Brett uses his five senses – and fuses them with a sprinkling of suggestion, psychology, and influence to project the illusion of a 6th sense. Your co-workers and guests will experience a unique roller coaster ride of fun & bewilderment as Brett bends minds and distorts reality – twisting the ordinary into the extraordinary.



If only you could see, what I have seen with your eyes


Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner – 1982


The simplest everyday items are Brett’s tool-set which he uses in ways you’ve never thought possible; Ordinary house keys. books, coins, magazines, envelopes, cards and drawings become mirrors of your thoughts. Brett taps one person on the shoulder, and another person across the room somehow feels the touch.

Brett’s mind reading performances are a unique experience – everyone is guaranteed to have an incredible time. This is contemporary and engaging entertainment – not meant to fool, but rather meant to take your guests on an unforgettable mind trip. Brett’s flexible style means he can perform strolling at cocktails, during a party, after your company meeting/break-out session, in your trade show booth as a customer magnet, or for larger groups on stage.


Combine Brett’s boundless mental creativity with humor and good taste – and you have the perfect recipe for a sensational event that will be long remembered. Don’t take Brett’s word for it – read some of the many actual client reviews from customers here at the web site.

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Connect With Brett

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